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Bellavista Vittorio Moretti Extra Dry


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Vittorio Moretti Extra dry
55% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Nero
12.5% – 75 cl. – 2006 – Limited


Product Description

The seasonal trend of 2008 followed the usual pattern until the end of April, but in May there was a sudden drop in temperatures reaching a minimum of 11°C, followed by a brief period of rain. These conditions had a positive effect, as flowering was postponed by two weeks. The continuous rains during June and July were accompanied by night-time temperatures that settled
at a minimum of 12°C in June, reaching 17°C by the end of July. This particular weather pattern was instrumental in the ripening of the grapes; they matured very di_erently, bunch by bunch,
vocational area by vocational area, clearly highlighting the diversity of our micro-zones. There is an extraordinary biodiversity in the dramatic variability of bouquet and flavour of the wine selections. The excellent ripening of the grapes, favoured by a warm and sunny August, meant that the harvest was carried out during perfect weather conditions, producing wines with an excellent bouquet, good acidity and excellent ageing possibilities. As is always the case with Vittorio Moretti reserve, one of Bellavista’s finest vintages.
Mattia Vezzola – Bellavista wine maker