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Bellavista Satèn


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Bellavista Satèn
100% Chardonnay – 12.5% – 75cl – 2009


Product Description

In line with the most ancient ‘blanc de blancs’ tradition, Bellavista Vendemmia Satèn is the first Italian attempt (1984) to seek out a wine-making ideal inspired by sensuality and seduction in the elegant and delicate soul of the Franciacorta terroir. The grapes used for this Cuvée come entirely from high hill vineyards, which are located in the heart of the best exposures and are all east facing. A thought that materialises in the effervescence of the finest and most musical perlage. In rare vintages, a storm of stars at dawn. When a vintage and a harvest display those exquisite traits that make it possible to create this remarkable cuvée, we take every care and attention in the selection of the grapes, in the ageing process in small white oak casks and
finally in the blending, which must highlight its enchanting refinement and exquisite elegance.
Like anything rare, the Satèn is produced in extremely limited quantities.
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

A plentiful and creamy mousse with perfect and continuous head. The perlage is extremely fine and persistent and the quivering lines of pearls are very clear, thin and welldistributed.
The colour is straw yellow with slight golden tinges. The scent is intense and soothing, and opens up into a complex and exquisite bouquet of peach blossom, citrus fruit, honey and hazelnuts. The flavour comes forth agreeably, gracing us with feelings of tenderness and
grace: the eternal woman that advances with elegance and refinement, always soft and enticing. The freshness that underlines the perfect maturity of the fruit comes in to its own with its perfect natural balance.


Bellavista Vendemmia Satèn matures in our cellars for at least 5 years following the harvesting of the grapes.